• Small House at Sarijadi
    We have a challenge to rebuilt a house at Sarijadi, Bandung. We try to expose all material and combine it in an industrioal style composition. Steel, brick, wood, and transparent material has its slot to give impression to the owner. We also have a plan to put several plant as element of facade.
  • Industrial Look for Harley Davidson Booth Design Proposal
    People love new thing. Sometime, it was the biggest concern upper the shape of design. So we create a booth proposal, that explore texture of raw material that form the structure of the booth. It was a design proposal for Harley Davidson exhibition in Hotel Mulia. Metal and wood is standing side by side to improved visual quality.
  • Strengthen entitiy of facade in 90sqm area
    If you have a house in limited area, believe it, that's potential to be explored. We maximizing the character of the mass from the building, and make it more eye catching by make a combination of teksture, shape and color. First, we divided the facade area into 4 segment, and explore every segment with combination of dense-loose mass compotition. It makes the facad have compact and modern look!